E-Blast Fun

This is my first ever blog post, so please treat me well, kind person. To get straight to the point, I keep making silly mistakes with my promotional emails (E-Blasts). The first one I sent out last week for Black Friday had a broken video link. Said video was a major selling point of the E-Blast. The one I sent out today to entice people to visit the new Dragon Sex Calendar website, by offering them a 20% discount code, (The code still works "NEWSITE" until next Friday, December 8, 2017) sent people to this website, but my store was still in "test" mode. I didn't notice this crucial error for at least an hour. /facepalm. No one was able to buy anything. 

I've learned my lesson. Always triple check everything in an E-blast to make sure it's correct before hitting the send button. 

This has literally been the worst first blog entry of all time. Thank you for wasting 1 minute (30 seconds if you're amazing at reading) of your precious life.