That time the Dragon Sex Calendar was featured on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick

Last year, when this first went live, I had no clue it had happened. My cousin Joe, who I mistakenly referred to as my Uncle Joe for years because of our age difference, which really isn't that much, I just didn't know him very well and he's a dentist so I logically figured he was my uncle, commented on a facebook post of mine (about something unrelated) that he'd "seen my calendar on @Midnight and it made him crack up. "

I was immediately like, "what what WHAT?!?" So then I also immediately went to @midnight's page on Comedy Central and watched the segment. My heart just melted. Here were 4 brilliant comedians, all making fun of and enjoying the ridiculousness of my creation. Chris Hardwick, nerd friend to the stars. Bob Saget, vanilla comedian on sitcoms but lecherous, kind-hearted stand-up in real life. Greg Proops, the king of one-liners. And the other guy in the middle who's also great (sorry middle guy).

Watching this segment for the next 5 minutes literally made my year, both emotionally and financially. I'd been having a decent year before this episode even aired--I'd broken even on my costs and was starting to turn a bit of a profit. But when this episode aired, people suddenly knew about my calendar and sales took off. The publicity that followed was like mana falling from heaven. Various famous blogs mentioned me, websites started to link to my product on Amazon, and wa-la. 

Needless to say, I'm eternally grateful to Chris Hardwick and his henchmen/producers/interns at Comedy Central and @Midnight. You guys have changed my life. With the profits from this publicity I was able to pay off one of my small school loans--a school loan which's (who's? whom's?) payment was keeping me below the poverty line on a monthly basis. I'm now above water and getting more stable each passing month/year. 

Thank you @hardwick!