New enamel lapel pins on the way!

I'm super excited to announce the addition of two brand new lapel pins to the Dragon Sex Calendar collection! See the images below. These will be available in about 2 - 3 weeks. Super high quality and an extreme amount of detail.  

The last time I had lapel pins created I went through what I thought was an American-based lapel pin company. Turns out the company was actually nothing more than a middleman who ended up tacking on $200 to the price of the pins for their "services." Thankfully I'm able to offer this new set of pins at a lower price now because I'm working directly with the manufacturer. Wooh!

These will be for sale here, on my website, along with Etsy and Amazon. Will update with another blog post once they go live for sale. These are going to retail for $9.99 each.