The Cover Has Been Chosen

Picking the cover image for the Dragon Sex Calendar is a thrilling process. I work with 12 different artists per year--sometimes more--and the process can be a lot to handle. But the process is all worth it when that email with the final artwork arrives in my inbox. Keep in mind, the only thing I've seen up until that point from the artist is a rough thumbnail sketch of their idea. And the minute I get that email and open it, I know whether or not it's that it's going to be the cover image. 

Well, this last month, while getting artwork from upwards of 20 different artists, I still hadn't gotten a piece that had stood out to me as the cover image. While I try to use new artists each year, there are times that I use the same artist multiple times within a calendar year or subsequent years. (See Mystic Oasis Studios as an example. I used her work three times in the 2015 Dragon Sex Calendar and once in the 2017 version.) That said, I decided to reach out to an artist, Remus Buznea, who had done artwork for the 2017 Calendar. Below you'll see Remus's previous work:

Dragon Sex Calendar May 2017.jpg

I gave Remus zero direction other than mentioning a summer month and giving him the pick of a few different sex positions. And this, friends and fans, is what he submitted back. 

Dragon Sex Calendar May 2019.jpg

This encapsulates the Dragon Sex Calendar perfectly. It's masterfully executed, it's stylicstially original, and most importantly, it's funny. 

Below is a final image of the cover for the 2019 Dragon Sex Calendar along with the title and other elements applied. The calendar is currently being printed--I'll be sure to upload images of the final product when it arrives. 

Kelsey Todd