New Banner Video is DOPE

What’s up my lil’ DraGoons? Still working on pet names for all of you. (Let me know what you guys think). Anyway, in the process of the constant branding overhaul, I decided to move from a static image to an enticing and romantic video for the banner. Hence the title of this Letter. Enter the new banner video!! Creating a cool banner video takes more work than ya’ll might think. I first spent a few hours in Adobe Premiere trying to manually emulate the Ken Burns effect—which is basically the ”zooming in/out…panning left to right” on static images effects you see in every single documentary produced in modern times. Ken Burns was the first to do this—and if you haven’t seen any of his documentaries you’re missing out. I recommend The Civil War on Netflix.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I gave up after 2 hours. The final product was looking more and more and more repetitive, stale, and uninspired. So after stopping mid-way in order to tank a Wailing Caverns run in Classic Wow, I admitted defeat and turned to other means. I bought an Adobe After Effects premade template on The person who designed this really earned their fee because it’s 1, awesome, and 2, it’s super-duper time-saving. Here’s a link to the person’s store if you’re interested in patronizing his/her stuff. His/her name is LimeTime:

When choosing images to put in the slideshow I went with classic art from past year’s Dragon Sex Calendars. Artists include Tsao Shin, Ignacio Di Meglio, Remus Buznea, Bard the Zombie, Bruce Brenneise, Joe Bilicic, and Javier Martinez.

The Banner Video: