Self-Censoring, Revisited

Hi everyone. I thought I'd spend some more time talking about self-censorship in regards to the calendar. I made a post last month in response to some questions I was getting asking why some of the artwork in the calendar was, some boobs and dicks were pixelated. My logic at the time was that the calendar was never meant to be extremely pornographic. It was expected to be merely tongue-in-cheek type humor showing dragons banging. Nothing too graphic (think NC-17 or Cinemax, aka Skinemax, from the 80's and 90's). But with a lot of the artwork I got for the 2019 Dragon Sex Calendar, the artists went ahead and included all the naughty parts. Which added to the comedy of the artwork, rather than negating it. So I've decided to leave all the artwork as is, with all the dragon dicks, boobs, and vaginas in all their dragon glory. 

That said, when it comes to marketing my calendar online through social media channels, I need to be very careful. Earlier this year Pinterest banned my account, and late last year Instagram also banned my account for violating the terms of use. I've since opened a new Instagram account @thedragonsexcalendar. Etsy even temporarily closed my listings until I censored the main image. (Etsy is a very reasonable and accommodating company FYI). This means that any time you see anything Dragon Sex Calendar related online, the naughty parts will be either pixelated or will have a black bar with the white text "censored" over it.  

Another concern with self-censorship is that as my company grows, I want to move into brick and mortar retail locations. The aforementioned is a complicated process without having the "hard-sell" of a product with a cover that says "Dragon Sex Calendar" accompanied by a picture of dragons banging. It's not something a lot of retailers will want to showcase on their shelves. Certain stores do cater to clientele who doesn't care--who embraces that type of humor. Urban Outfitters, Spencer's Gifts, Hot Topic, etc. Those are the stores on which I'll be focusing. 

Thanks guys for listening! I appreciate each and every one of you. ;)


Kelsey Todd