Artist Spotlight - Silvia Mangus - Part 2

This is Part 2 in my video interview series with the great Silvia Mangus. She and her husband just bought a cabin in the woods and are living the dream. I am so very proud to introduce you to Silvia Mangus. Silvia is the first artist I ever worked with for the Dragon Sex Calendar in 2015. I was so in love with the first piece of artwork she did for me that I decided to ask her to do 3 more for the 2015 calendar, and 1 piece for the 2017 (I didn’t make a 2016 calendar). Below is the second part of a 4 part interview. I’ll be releasing the next 2 parts over the coming weeks. I really encourage you to watch! Silvia is very passionate about what she does, and this project—which is very admirable, as this calendar is one of the dumbest things of all time. Ever.


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