The Dragon Sex Calendar mentioned in the SUN!

The day I discovered google alerts my world changed. From that day forward I’ve been getting weekly notifications about topics I like to follow—most recently Fede Alavarez, the director of the latest incarnation of the “Evil Dead” movie, Maika Monroe—the newest scream queen from “It Follows,” Classic World of Warcraft news (old timey Wow player here), and most importantly—the Dragon Sex Calendar. Well guess my delight when I got the following notification?

dragon sex calendar the SUN UK.PNG

That’s right, the Dragon Sex Calendar was mentioned in an article (albeit a click-batey article) on arguably Britain’s largest and most popular newspaper titled, “Dragons are now a SEX fetish — and these women claim they can speak to them.”

Here’s a link to the full article:

Needless to say I’m quite proud!